The programs offered by Dr. Bradley Williard encompass all the benefits from his Performance Breathwork™. Working with Dr. Williard provides the experiential understanding, and a practice of deep embodiment that brings balance and focus to the voice, body, and mind, creating intuitive leaders that know how to put their vocal authenticity into action.

Voice Professionals

Voice Professionals programs provide online workshops and masterclasses for University Fine Arts and Communications Programs (Vocal Performance, Drama, and Speech/Communications), as well as  a reliable resource for Voice/Speech Therapists and Professional Performing Artists.



Unlock Your Breath™

Foundations of Breathing for Performing Artists

Unlock Your Breath™ is a One or Two-Day science-based program that teaches singers/actors how to develop a deep relationship with the breathing body, and how that relationship translates into connection and optimal support. MORE INFORMATION >

Unlock Your Singing

Cultivating the Authentic Voice

Unlock Your Singing is a One or Two-Day science-based program that dives into the areas of self-confidence, vulnerability, and relationship with Self, looking at how all three components are directly connected to the breath and body, and are essential for the Performing Artist. MORE INFORMATION >

Unlock Your Teaching

Teaching the Whole Student

Unlock Your Teaching is a ONE DAY program designed for academic professionals who are interested in teaching the whole student, and not just the voice. The material dives into looking at emotional, speech, and muscle patterns from a non-singing perspective, and how that information can help us create leaders rather than singers. MORE INFORMATION >

Your Brand, Your Voice

Branding the Vocal Entrepreneur

Your Brand, Your Voice is a ONE DAY university program for vocal entrepreneurs, exploring how authenticity and vulnerability can take them into their purpose, and how that purpose translates into the marketplace. MORE INFORMATION >

UnHeard Voices

The programs with UnHeard Voices look to empower a variety of under served communities including Women, LGBTQ & Trans Communities.

Dare to Be Heard

Healing the Voice from the Inside Out

Do you feel unheard or unseen? Do you have a lot to share, but doubt people will listen? The Dare to Be Heard program is a two-month mentorship program that will challenge you to step into the arena of self-worth and vulnerability, looking at the places in your body and voice that are not feeling supported or safe. We will dive into ancestral patterns, as well as beliefs and stories that are stopping you from being your most natural Self. MORE INFORMATION >

When We Rise

Lifting Women’s Voices to the Places They Belong

Do you feel grounded in your leadership? Do you feel heard by your colleagues?
Women in Leadership is a two-month coaching program that focuses on your vocal presence in three areas: work/purpose, relationships/community, and personal/inner development. The program challenges you to look at the places in your life where you want to be more confident, present, and visible with your voice and body, helping you to align and integrate your full purpose with your voice. MORE INFORMATION >

Trans Voices Matter

Embodying Vocal Gender

Trans Voices Matter is a ONE DAY program for universities and non-profits, exploring how to stay in your breath and body while being connected to your authentic voice. We will dive into the fears around voice dysphoria, and how to move into a place of calm and groundedness in your body, soul, and voice. Private one-on-one coachings available. MORE INFORMATION >

Gay Voices Matter

Reclaiming the Voice, Letting Go of the Shame

Gay Voices Matter is a ONE DAY program for universities, non-profits, and LGBTQ businesses. The program explores what it means to reclaim the ‘Gay Voice’, separating gender from sexuality, and showing how we can blend both masculine and feminine aspects of the voice to create authenticity and natural presence. Private one-on-one coaching available. MORE INFORMATION >

Conscious Leaders

Conscious Leaders programs provide effective vocal leadership skills and conscious engagement tools for CEOs, Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs, University Administrators and Faculty Members, Personal & Professional Coaches, and Professional Speakers.


Your Brand, Your Voice

Branding the Entrepreneurial Voice

Your Brand, Your Voice is a 2-month coaching program designed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs understand how their authentic voice and self-worth translates into sales and customer connection. Your brand is your story, and when you embrace your story as the product, the resistance of showing up for your business becomes more about showing up for what you love. This program will transform your relationship with product sales and vulnerability. One day intensives availableMORE INFORMATION >

Unlock Your Presentation

Leading as a Conscious Engagement Officer-CEO

Unlock Your Presentation is a ONE DAY one-on-one specifically crafted for purpose-driven academic professionals, community leaders, and CEOs. Together, we will explore the ‘why’ behind your leadership style, and how conscious vocal engagement translates into deeper relationships, while simultaneously growing your company and community. MORE INFORMATION >

Unlock Your Speaking

Connecting Your Story with Your Audience

Unlock Your Speaking is a 2-month coaching program that approaches public speaking from a science-based and soul perspective. Together, we will discover the places in your body where you are holding back, and we will create a personal blueprint for you to step into your voice and share the stories you were born to tell. One and Two-day intensives are available. MORE INFORMATION >

Women in Leadership

Increasing Vocal Presence in the Workplace

Women in Leadership is a ONE DAY program for non-profits and corporations who are looking to create vocal equality and presence in the workplace from a science-based perspective. As he/she/them, we will explore how vocal quality and body connection is used within gender, and how the voice can create connection rather than dominance or submissiveness. MORE INFORMATION >