Creator & Founder

Creator & Founder

Dr. Bradley Williard

My vocal journey has afforded me the opportunity to dive into a world of inner connection, creating deeper relationship and understanding of the meaning behind the voice, which inspired my scientific research on the voice’s relationship with Self, self-confidence, and  vulnerability. 

My scientific research supports my own discovery of what it means to have a voice, shedding light on the difficulties and challenges we face as a technological society, and how our bodies are desperately calling us back home.

I have a responsibility to share my findings and story with all voices that feel unheard, and even unseen. I believe our greatest desire is to be in union with love, and from that place of oneness, share our voices, our gifts, and our medicine with the world.

A voice that reflects the dimensions of love is a voice that has broken free from the chains of comparison, judgement, and fear.

The voice wants you to find your way back to the most natural You, and through that journey, reclaim the voice that has always been yours – a voice that knows your Self.

Here’s My Story…

In 2010, I began the hard and tedious process of reclaiming my voice and body.  I had been in the performing arts for almost two-decades, listening and looking for the approval of all the voices around me. Their stories, their critiques and beliefs became my stories, critiques, and beliefs.  The colors of my voice echoed their shame, and the feeling of not being enough began to drown out the resonance and connection to the most important voice of all, my own.

I had to stop singing to find my voice.

I left friendships and relationships. I sold almost all of my possessions. I moved to a new country, and began speaking a new language.

I had begun the journey of learning how to embody love, my Self, and my voice, because my life literally depended on it.

The process was messy and ugly, and full of mistakes.

But each one of those mistakes pointed me in the direction of hope and inner wisdom.

Slowly, I began hearing a different voice, a voice I recognized from my earliest memories of childhood, a voice that had not taken on my family’s beliefs and stories, a voice I knew was connected to the ‘why’ of us all.

I now feel and perceive the voice in a very different way, sensing what the voice wants for us, rather than what we are wanting for it.

The voice holds our sadness, our anger, and our fears, but under it all, there is only love and light.

The voice wants us to go beyond race, gender and sexuality, to discover that we are all connected to one voice – a voice that is simply the mirror of our vocal journey, holding the impressions of our circumstances, our wounds, and our triumphs.

This I know …

Our human and vocal suffering points us into the direction of love, hope and truth.

We are being called back into remembrance of who we are and who we have always been.

We are meant to embody our voices, no matter the size, shape, gender, sexuality, or race.

We can create positive change in our communities and lives when we show up with all of our voice.

Your voice can only become medicine when you let it go.